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Faith-Filled Essentials

Hibiscus & Agave 10oz Candle

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Be embraced with the refreshing scent of our Hibiscus & Agave Candle, which combines a powdery and violet base with hints of green leaves and floral notes, complemented by the invigorating top notes of lime, agave, and honeydew. Enhanced with a touch of palm, sea salt, and amber, this fragrance is sure to transport you to a tropical paradise.

  • Non-Toxic & Paraffin Free
  • Slow Burn Time 50+ Hours
  • Custom Scent Blends
  • Triple-Pour Process For The Perfect Burn
  • Artisan Hand Crafted
  • 15% of Profits Support Abuse Survivors

Our utmost priority is to provide you with pristine candles that are made from our all-natural soy wax proprietary blend. Our candles are crafted with a hint of beeswax to ensure a consistent and long-lasting burn. Every fragrance blend is carefully crafted using phthalate-free fragrance oils. We have put in extensive effort to ensure that our candles burn cleanly and evenly.

Enhance the overall experience by opting for our upgraded packaging, which includes a stunning gift bag, when presenting this exquisite candle to a loved one for just an additional $2.00.

About Hibiscus & Agave's scent creation:

The Hibiscus & Agave scent was created by Debi & Cassie with the intention of providing a soothing floral fragrance. With Debi’s fondness for hearts, Cassie incorporated a unique heart design into each candle in this collection, making it the exclusive candle with an extra touch of love. 

Debi is a woman of few words, but her wisdom speaks volumes. She has a keen ear for listening and when she does speak, her words are profound. Her attention to detail is unmatched, as she doesn't miss a thing. Debi's kind and caring heart is the foundation of her family, as she has a remarkable ability to accept and support her loved ones while also advocating for their well-being. Debi's presence or even the mere thought of her gently prompts Cassie to pause, reflect, and make thoughtful choices, all while cherishing the essence of life and embracing a smile.