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Faith-Filled Essentials

Beard Oil

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Love Your Beard

No matter the size, your beard needs love. High-quality oils, nourishing extracts, and premium essential oils were carefully selected for this 2 oz blend. 

Nourishing Benefits

* Softening of facial hair

* Controlling the frizz and fly-aways

* Moisturizing the skin beneath the beard (potentially preventing itchiness and ingrown hairs)

* Assisting a beard with softness and a healthy shine

* Protecting the beard

* Creating a delightful and fresh scented beard

How To Use

After showering, apply a small amount of oil to your beard. Massage the oil through your beard and down your beard's length. If you'd like, comb through your beard and enjoy the benefits of the oil!


Argan OIl, Apricot OIl, Broccoli Seed Oil, Karanja Oil, Jojoba Oil, Buckthorn Extract, Scent.